Brinkley Davies is an inspirational woman, living life on her own terms and chasing her passion for the ocean. This marine biologist has travelled to all corners of the globe conducting research and raising awareness for a range of ocean conservation issues. She does it with a unique individual style – Raw, breathtakingly beautiful, and with a clear sense of purpose.

Mazarine Aqua founder, Amanda Couzner, first connected with Brinkley through a shared love of surfing and exploring the rugged coastline of their home state, South Australia. Brinkley embodies the spirit of Mazarine Aqua. The Ocean adventurer, conservationist, model & surfer – Brinkley Davies living life on her own terms and Amanda was excited to catch up with her and share her story. 

Brinkley Davis Fella Swim

Brinkley Davies Wearing The Best Selling Fella Swim

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently in Hawaii, and am working in November as head research assistant on an Odontocete field trip with Cascadia Research Collective, with head researcher Robin Baird. We will be tagging, tracking, identifying and studying 18 different possible species of toothed whales, off the coast of Big Island, Hawaii.

You and Tyron (who himself created the viral YouTube clip ‘Duct Tape Surfing’) spend a lot of time travelling together, most recently in Fiji – how was that adventure?
Yes, Tyron is my Partner In Crime for absolutely everything! He always inspires me and is so supportive, it makes me even more excited about everything being able to share it with him. Fiji was amazing, I was unable to surf due to my shoulder injury, but we spent 10 days diving with Beqa Adventure Divers with 50-70 bull sharks, and it was incredible. We also spent some time diving and checking out places around the Coral Coast, which was beautiful also.

You spend more time than most in the ocean – what are your swimwear favourites? 

One-piece swimwear! Mainly because I spend so much time free diving and they make you a lot more streamline. But there are some amazing two pieces around. Hawaii is great for swimwear. I like wearing smaller pieces, especially surfing, as they don’t come off! All of the Brazilian cut styles over here are amazing, and way more flattering!

We know you share the same passion for travel that we do – what is the next destination on your list? 

Well currently, I’m here in Hawaii until at least mid December. After my research trip I will be surfing as much as I can here on the north shore, and then heading back home for Xmas.

Brinkley Davis In LSpace Swim

Brinkley Davies In L*Space Swim

What does the future hold for Brinkley Davies?

Who knows! haha. I have a big list goals, long term and short, all involving the ocean. I take opportunities that are given to me that will further my knowledge and experience in Marine Biology and conservation. I hope to help influence others to take in more of the world around them through my work and posts on social media, and to protect our environment a bit better than we have in the past. I one-day aim to do my own research, and possibly achieve a PHD for Marine Biology, but before then I want to learn more, there is a whole world out there right now, so I’m taking it as it comes.

Thanks for taking some time out to share some of your passions and adventures with the Mazarine Aqua community Brinkley. Now if you want to find discover more about Brinkley’s world and active swimwear – and let’s face it, who doesn’t, follow her on Instagram @brinkleydavies.

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“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” – Christopher Columbus.


Brinkley Davies Fella Swim